Reviews Book Review: ‘You Are an Ironman’’s Kevin Mackinnon reviews the new book by Jacques Steinberg
“Every Ironman has a story,” Steinberg said in an interview yesterday. “In so many instances they are gripping and moving. I think the best non-fiction writing is when it reads like fiction writing, but the facts are true. I knew I didn’t want to write a memoir. I thought ‘What if I could write something suspenseful about an Ironman?’ That’s why I chose first-time competitors – I thought it would be fun for the reader to ride along with them as they trained and then competed.”

Huffington Post: ”Book follows grueling path to Ironman triathlon”
“Anyone wondering who might take on such a grueling challenge and what their motivation might be would do well to read Jacques Steinberg’s account of three men and three women, most of them in their 40s, who fork over a nonrefundable $525 a year in advance to sign up for the 2009 Ironman Arizona. Through interviews and their entries in blogs and training diaries, the reader follows the six as they put their normal routines on hold and adopt rigorous training regimens in preparation for the big event.

The athletes are fascinating in their own right, which helps to create an instant bond with readers and should make the book a compelling and inspirational read for obsessive exercisers and couch potatoes alike.”

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